Minggu Menggila

Yep, those post-tittle inspired by White Shoes and Couples Company newest album, Senja Menggila.

Actually, I think I went crazy today. My day started by attending oldpals wedding. He got married and I even didn’t have any boyfriend untill now!

Haha, struggling from zillion question about ‘jadi kamu belum juga punya pacar sampai sekarang’ is quite annoying.

Fortunately, my best-friends try to cheer me. So, we decided to doing some adventure today.
First, based on Vina Eka Agustriana idea, we founded an unuse grass-track. Located at Jendral Sudirman.

So this is the abandoned grass-track at Jendran Sudirman. The only word that came out my mouth when arrive here :

So here what we were doing when met those grass-track

(me : POSE!)

(Vina: POSE!)

(Mira + Ratna : Being Busy to Capturing Our POSE!)

After the quickness awkward photoshoot session, we moved to Danau Kapur.

And I got a nice slicy delghtfull photo:

If you’re a photografer and lovin the great view. Come in! Blue sky met view-up-to-the-base water, and white mound of limestone are wait to be captured.

Haha, thanks for this joyfull journey, guys. It mean a lot!

Author: nanirigby

A Wanderer who constantly asking about "Why?"

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