Quiz Kotex. I’m an Artsy!

Found some kotex quiz from Diana Rikasari blog. I’m not a fan of their product, I have personal issue with an expensive things, espessially for a pad. 😀

Hihi. then, I tried to fullfill some question. Simply about what kind of vacation that you desire for, what music do you like, how your bedroom suppose to be and what your daily drink (and btw, I fail to see the connection between what I used to drink and persona imaging)

For each of those question, I gave the honest answer. I love to enjoying some calm, delicate and peacefull place. I’d like to having a bedroom with queen-ekstra-large bed (my entire life spend on bed, though). And I used to drink cold-icey water everyday. Oh, I like pop-sweet-country music, btw.

Then, kotex gave me their opinion of me.

(click to enlarge)

Somehow, I feel like a bohemian-hippie-homeless girl right now. Who love to travel, love to sing, and love to writte 😀

Author: nanirigby

A Wanderer who constantly asking about "Why?"

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