One of my family members told me to being realistic last day. She is my sister. She told me “You may have a good brain and knowledge overall, but you have to shuttle down your ego and start to be realistic, you cant survive if only hanging on your idealism”.

There. Shock me up 😀 

Now, I just sent 2 job application on 2 different radio, I miss my job to be an announcer, but beyond of that. It could be me to proven that I quiet “realistic”; I hate to hear they always talking about my uselessness. I sick to hear voices that order me to earn some money.

Honestly, I hate to work. But “nothing money can’t buy”, isn’t? I have a dream, and I need bunch of money to make it real. My little comic rent-shop :), and my major dream 😀 to travel this whole world by myself. Hohoho.

Which is far far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from reality.

But at least, I’m still trying. Huh?

The reason why I decided to applying a job is simple: I need money. My fam needs money. My mom told me that I a bricks of my older sister wedding. It’s hurt, but it true. My sister paying all of this family needs. If she got a married, who else would pay that bill? My father is too old to earn money. And I just too useless to bring my fatty ass to “real life”.

Oh mine..

I want to be the others, walking trough they favorite university, hang out, the other 18’s stuff

But then, I have to be realistic, huh?

Author: nanirigby

A Wanderer who constantly asking about "Why?"

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