I’m Recently in Love With

*Jessie J – Who’s Laughing Now*

Mummy they call me names
They wouldn’t let me play
I’d run home, sit and cry almost everyday
‘Hey Jessica, you look like an alien
With green skin you don’t fit in this playpen’
Well they pull my hair
They took away my chair
I keep it in and pretend that I didn’t care
‘Hey Jessica, you’re so funny
You’ve got teeth just like Bugs bunny’

Oh, so you think you know me now
Have you forgotten how
You would make me feel
When you drag my spirit down
But thank you for the pain
It made me raise my game
And I’m still rising, I’m still rising

So make your jokes
Go for broke
Blow your smoke
You’re not alone
But who’s laughing now
But who’s laughing now

Cos I’m in L.A
You think I’ve made my fame
If it makes us friends
When you only really know my name
‘Oh Jessie, we knew you could make it
I’ve got a track and I’d love you to take it’
So now because I’m signed
You think my pockets lined
4 years now and I’m still waiting in the line
‘Oh Jessie, I saw you on youtube
I tagged old photos from when we was at school’

*selengkapnya baca di sini*

Tidak ada alasan khusus sebenarnya. Saya ingin tinggal di Manhattan, bukan LA 😀 mungkin untuk lirik ‘Hey Jessica, you’re so funny. You’ve got teeth just like Bugs bunny’

*tos* *gigi kelinci united*

Well, nampaknya saya hanya ingin berbagi ini aja. Nothing happen lately, kecuali saya yang baru makan cimol tadi siang dan rasanya -uh-well-not-that-good- sesungguhnya yang menjual cimol teh telah mencemarkan nama baik dunia percimolan. Atau jangan jangan semua cimol rasanya begitu?

Ihihi. This is it. Saya harus balik siaran dan nulis post buat blog Ruang Lokal 😀 adios~

Author: nanirigby

A Wanderer who constantly asking about "Why?"

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