https://i0.wp.com/40.media.tumblr.com/4dd4160846a083365412a74a30e3dc54/tumblr_ncf7wmbgLP1qmbdzpo1_500.jpgWhy its so hard to say : “Please stay, I’m not okay” or “I admit it, I’m weak and I need your help”
instead of pushing everyone who cares about you away and refuse to accept a help from a pure hearted people?

Why its easier to say : “Go, I don’t need your help” or “Your attention makes me dependent”

Why its so important for me to be independent? As if when someone help me I’ll drown into an endless hole of moral duty? I can’t live that way yet I don’t want to feel like I’m using or taking people for granted.

Or maybe,
Maybe I just had to find someone I can relying to without feeling guilty at all.

I’ve learned to say No thanks before Thank You, I guess.

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