Short Trip to Singapore

So I just finished my one week of first time being overseas and it feels awesome! Using Airbnb for the very first time and had this two nice guys as the host. Singapore was great, I got plenty of time doing tourist cliche from Merlion to Haji Lane to Marina Bay Sands. I left Sentosa for next trip (yea you heard me, next time I’ll go back to Singapore, Nani and her attachment to comfy places) and can’t wait for the time to come hihihi.

It started at June 30 when I took this amazing 3 hours drive from Sampit to Palangkaraya (usually it takes 4-4,5 hours drive) and I think my driver has some anger management issues. Waited almost for 4 hours in the airport and I finally made it to Soetta and in a rush catching up Lion’s flight to Changi Airport from another terminal.

Touched down Singapore at 11pm yay! rushed up to the apartment and snoring like a log.


Using Airbnb is FUN!

Thanks to my high capability on making plan, I was bought the ticket minus 20 hours before flight and OF COURSE it robs me a fortune. Has originally planning a trip to Vietnam and was cancelled so I go to Singapore instead since the plane ticket to Vietnam raised almost 500 percent since it’s original price. Whoa.

The next morning when I woke up I found the apartment was empty. My two hosts already left to work. I don’t know if it’s only applied to their workplace but as an Engineer the would go at 6.15am (which in there is considered as dawn) and going back home in 8pm. What a life to have, huh? But I think it’s all worth it, a chance to living abroad and such.

And jalan jalannya dimulai!

Day 1 I was struggled to learn the MRT system, finally figured out in minutes 135 and I’m ready to go to anywhere. From the apartment to nearest MRT station was only take 15 minutes of walk. I highly recommended these fellas apartment since it’s near to everywhere. Rochete Mall, Food Hawker, Supermarket, MRT Station not to mention bus Station. If you’re using Airbnb for your Singapore trip, just hit the sack around Dover Rise 8 with an account name Rizki Ramadhani and you’ll greeted and treated nice and warm from the owner.

I’m going to Marina Bay Sands and doing the most cliche tourist thing: Take a picture with Merlion Statue. Then I go to Bugis Strees, known for cheap stuff for your not-so-close workmate or friend who annoyingly says “Mana oleh olehnya”. I bought some chocolates ($10 for 3 box of quite large choco with HUGE Merlion Statue pic on it. Yay) and some t-shirts with I Love SNG, tote bag and some clothes for me.

Hit the Raffles Station that brought us back to Bueno Vista and call off the night. What a tiring day I just had. BUT IT WAS FUN! YAY!

Day 2

Today I hit it hard, was planned to go to Garden by the Bay and spends the whole evening exploring that gigantic area. There’s many different tourist attraction but me and my soggy legs can’t make any further walk. Before that, in the noon I go to Haji Lane and checked how hipster this area was. And I almost compare it with Seminyak Bali, everything is overpriced, lot’s of Europe/American tourist who has higher currency rate than Singapore so spending $17 for a teeny tiny keychain wasn’t an issue at all. I drink a beer in and had lunch there, make a quick glance at Ghibli Museum Artist Art Exhibition and continues from Bugis station to Raffles.

Day 3

I was planned the whole day would be for Sentosa Island and I’ll go to Universal Studio trying all the rides in there. It was Sunday, so the night before I had an awesome chat and Netflix moment with my hosts. Then I found out myself woke up at.. 2pm. YHAAAA.

So I cancelled the Universal Studio and save it for later. My legs start to kill me, geez I really need to start to work out hahaha. Hit the lunch at nearby hawker, goes to Starbucks and have a dinner at mall. A good day to rest, actually.

Day 4

Leaving early to Changi for an early flight to Jakarta.

One thing I learned from Singapore is: you could walk with your green head and all you heard is “Hey, cool hair”. You could pull your most translucent pair of tank top and nobody cares. As long you’re not littering on the street or smoke in forbidden area. Which is great, the citizen discipline on those two things are amazing. Maybe built by a Subhanallah fine, once you caught smoking in forbidden area they would fine you for 500 $ and the government doesn’t encourage the citizen to smoke. Compared to Indonesia, yhaaa… udahlah. Singapore was great, I get two new friends and laugh along so many people in Meowi Cafe. Definitely worth to come back for.

Sampit, 6 Juni 2016

Good vacation is goooood :))

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